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overheal asked: i liked ur newest video bc i t had boobs. i clicked for the boobs and saw even MORE boobs. 10/10

A success for you, and a success for us, it seems.

Thanks for the messages, toxicbutterflyfarts!

We’ve seen a lot of evidence and testimonials from several sources that say otherwise! You also claim we should be criticizing one thing and not the other, when in actuality we should be criticizing all bad behavior from all sources.

Bayonetta is a video game with a protagonist that is a woman that kicks ass and has strong morals and beliefs. Many video game websites such as Polygon complain about the way Bayo is dressed (a character designed by Mari Shimazaki, a woman), and in the same exact article page have ads in their sidebar for articles about sexy cosplayers with cleavage for thumbnails. The writer of the article also has a Suicide Girls account. This shows a site-wide moral compass that is completely out of whack and doesn’t really jive with the review itself.

The website also docked 2 and a half whole points from a perfect 10 for “male gaze”. This is why the punchline for this animation wrote itself.

We would also not want to play a video game about shooting our mothers for several reasons, but that has nothing to do with Bayonetta.

The debate is complicated! There’s a lot to talk about. The alternative is playing Bayonetta 2 and enjoying it.

Thanks for the comments!

Preview from an upcoming animation. Estimated ~2 minutes long.

Preview from an upcoming animation. Estimated ~2 minutes long.

Something is rendering! We at the Mystery Zone pre-emptively gave it a 7.5 for being too sexy.

See you tomorrow!

Here are some high definition screenshots from the latest project!

Thanks to everyone that watched, commented on, and enjoyed the latest animation. We read a lot of your comments, and appreciate each and every one. The Mystery Zone wouldn’t have been a thing without you.

Also here is our new Facebook page!

The Mystery Zone

Welcome to the brand new Facebook page for the Youtube page, a new way to keep up to date with the latest releases, HD content, previews, and behind the scenes stuff.

This page was created to celebrate the newest animation, coming out TOMORROW. Whoooooaaaaa-hoooaaaaaaa!

Work in Progress, and questions

So the next project has just been started. It’s shaping up to be the best looking, and toughest yet.

Meanwhile, during downtime, this tumblr’s inbox is open for questions from our audience! Unless we broke something. You don’t need a tumblr account either! You can ask questions anonymously, too.

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Here are some high quality screenshots from the latest video!